Financial resources can be made available to cities for climate action by participation in international or national emissions trading schemes (ETS).

Instrument category

National government transfers

Implementation status

Moderate - tried and tested

Enabling conditions and success factors
  • The city must be part of a country or region implementing an ETS.
  • It is usually the case that projects funded by revenue from ETS must be able to prove how effective they will mitigate carbon emissions.
Instrument benefits
  • There are rapidly increasing revenues available from ETS. For example, potential EU ETS auctioning revenues for Romania could amount to around EUR 4 billion per year by 2030, up from around EUR 100 million in 2020.
Challenges and risks to implementation
  • A lack of transparency between Federal and state governments (or central and local governments) and a flawed accountability system are usually the greatest challenges.
Case studies

Contribution of carbon credits to pay for green transport improvements in Bucharest, Romania

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