Jens Nielsen

CEO & Founder


World Climate Foundation

Organization Type

Non-governmental Organization

Founded in 2020, World Climate Foundation is a non-profit impact organisation headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, that catalyses large-scale collective action between government, business, finance, and civil society, in transitioning to an economy supportive of a net-zero, nature-positive and healthy planet.

Over the past years, and in close conjunction with our partners, global leaders and multi-sector stakeholders, we have developed the world’s strongest green economy C-level network, held major convenings in more than 15 major markets, and launched high-profile financial coalitions, to provide the required impact by 2030. The current team of around 30 people is divided between offices in Copenhagen, London, and Taipei and will be extended to offices in New York and Singapore.

The aim is for the World Climate Foundation to have a systematic impact on the global transition to a net-zero, safe and clean economy. We develop and run environmental impact platforms in line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, providing an international growth engine for new impact organisations that can accelerate the transition of businesses and markets.


At World Climate Foundation, we are currently building additional expertise on mobilising climate investment for cities. We facilitate connections and opportunities for collaboration including but not limited to joint grant applications or panel discussions, side events, workshops, and sharing opportunities at major global convenings like the annual UN climate talks.


Alliance members can visit our website which provides information about our numerous activities. It also links to all of our upcoming and past annual summits, including World Climate Summit, Climate Investment Summit, World Biodiversity Summit, and latest news from our network.

Partnerships and coalitions are at the heart of the World Climate Foundation’s mission. Collaborating with us offers the opportunity to engage our world-leading network and platforms for governments, businesses and international organisations with various engagement opportunities throughout the year. Alliance members can join us in building impactful coalitions and partnerships for climate action. If you would like to hear about potential collaboration, please get in touch with Grit Schmalisch.

We stay informed about city-level climate finance through constant exchange with finance and city experts in fora such as the Marrakech Partnership, task forces and investor network working groups.

First of all, we are interested in generating and sharing knowledge related to mobilizing climate finance and investments that can help secure a resilient and prosperous future for cities and urban areas and the people who live in it.

We hope to connect with inspiring peers and actors and engage in innovative projects and meaningful initiatives. We also hope to learn more about transformative best practices and finance tools that we can share with our network, partners and members.


Along with the ability to create structural change through partnerships and investments, WCF brings the expertise of a C-level network across business, finance, government and civil society, and extensive experience in coalition building. An example for the latter is the Climate Investment Coalition (CIC), an international public-private initiative established by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy & Utilities, Insurance & Pension Denmark, the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) and World Climate Foundation to mobilise significant funding for clean energy and climate investments now and towards 2030. We believe the Alliance can benefit from institutional investors’ perspectives on urban climate finance.