Posted on: Sep 16th, 2022

Housing Forum 2022: Resilient solutions to reduce the housing deficit in Latin America and the Caribbean

The IDB is hosting the event “Forum 2022: Resilient Solutions to reduce the Housing Deficit in Latin America and the Caribbean”. This will be a unique space to explore innovative, affordable, and carbon-neutral housing solutions for vulnerable populations.

This event will be an opportunity to connect with experts from the public sector, private sector, and academia, find new financing opportunities, and discover the initiatives that are changing the future of housing in our region.

This forum seeks to promote a dialogue about housing in Latin America and the Caribbean. The main goals are:

1.     Define public policy instruments and subsidies that promote economic and inclusive recovery, with special attention to the most vulnerable sectors, gender, and diversity.

2.     Identify innovations in planning and construction processes for low carbon and resilient housing.

3.     Transform financing products, and legal and institutional frameworks, and create technological platforms, to promote the private sector participation in addressing the housing deficit.

The forum will bring together ministers of housing and urban development, directors of banks, microfinance institutions and investment funds, directors of housing construction companies, academia, and other relevant actors in the international housing and urban development sector.

The Alliance’s Bella Tonkonogy will be speaking in the panel “Access to finance and climate funds for housing solutions on September 29th.