Posted on: Apr 15th, 2024

LUCI-PPF Connector Workshop: Understanding Project Preparation Requirements for Successful Project Handoffs

 The CCFLA LUCI PPF Connector in-person workshop aimed to address mismatched technical requirements that can prevent projects from being handed off between PPFs.

A lack of information, personal, or institutional connections between PPFs are well-understood limitations in collaboration and handoffs between PPFs. However, even when information about projects is shared efficiently, and PPFs have strong relationships with each other, differences in technical requirements and standards for the preparation of TA outputs and documents can lead to rework or prevent projects from moving between PPFs and duplicate work for cities  Those different requirements/documents can include: (1) How projects are scoped; (2) Metrics and methodologies used in studies; (3) Information requirements for preparation documents.

The workshop:

  1. Developed a common understanding of the technical requirements PPFs have for project preparation studies and documents so that technical assistance can be fit for the purpose of handing off a project between PPFs.
  2. Identified how to bring PPFs from each preparation stage into the preparation process early on to harmonize requirements for a project throughout the process.
  3. Built person-to-person relationships between PPFs part of the PPF Connector program.