Posted on: Oct 03rd, 2022

Regional Dialogue on Climate Finance in Asia-Pacific

The Alliance’s Priscilla Negreiros will participate in this session on “Access to International Climate Finance: Enabling environment, capacity building, and investment”

This session aims to highlight how international climate funds are important sources of climate
project finance by discussing challenges and opportunities that countries face in tapping these private, public, and multilateral sources for national and sub-national finance. The session sits within the Regional Dialogue on Climate Finance in Asia-Pacific, which aims to review experiences, insights, and learnings by looking at climate finance reforms undertaken and key thematic areas that constrain countries in leveraging and managing climate finance. Drawing on insights from global, regional, and national experts as well as from experiences from different countries, it will seek to provide ideas, methods, and practices to address the challenges and constraints that countries face in the region.

The event is being hosted by the Climate Finance Network (CFN) and Governance of Climate
Change Finance (GCCF), UNDP.