Africa50 Project Development

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Africa50 is a infrastructure investment platform that focuses on medium to large scale infrastructure projects that have a significant development impact while offering an appropriate return to investors. It not only invests in fully developed projects, but also accelerates the provision of infrastructure by supporting project development in its early stages. By bringing project development and financing together in one institution, Africa50 can provide support at every stage of the project cycle. Its operations are carried out through two business lines: Project Development and Finance. Africa50 Project Developement makes early stage equity investments to fund project preparation to get projects investment-ready. Africa50 Finance provides project finance using a private equity model.

Africa50 is owned by 28 governments, two central banks and the African Development Bank.

Assistance Criteria

Projects must either be predominantely private or a PPP, be technically and financially sound, be supported by reputable partners with a relevant track record, benefit the local economy, and meet world class environmental social, and governance standards. Typically only projects over 100 million USD are considered.



Africa50 Project Development typically takes significant minority stakes of $2-10 million.

Application Process

Contact Africa50 through their website contact form or at with a brief description of the project, the project’s development status, and the amount of financing already available, as well as information on the track-record of the developer and other partners and financiers.