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CDP Matchmaker works with cities to highlight projects in flood control, waste management, sustainable transportation, renewable energy, water management, energy efficiency, and other areas and links them to the investment community.

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Jun 03rd, 2020


CDP Matchmaker provides insights and catalyzes action for climate resilient, sustainable and equitable infrastructure projects across the globe. While trillions will be required annually by 2050 to address climate risks for urban infrastructure, local governments continue to face significant barriers in accessing capital to finance climate-related projects. CDP Matchmaker bridges the barriers between public entities and potential investors by analyzing and showcasing projects in adaptation, transportation, renewable energy, water management and energy efficiency to our network and partners, including policymakers, companies and the capital markets. CDP Matchmaker better positions local governments for more robust technical assistance, funding and financing opportunities to mitigate against and adapt to climate change.

Assistance Criteria

CDP analyzes project data and develops insights to support partnerships and targeted action. Cities, States and Regions often require technical assistance in order to develop projects from concepts to an investment-ready stage. By disclosing with CDP, public sector project proponents have greater access to CDP’s network of partners, ranging from federal agencies in the US and Canada to project preparation facilities like the City Climate Finance Gap Fund for cities in the Global South. CDP Matchmaker also supports sustainable infrastructure projects that are socially equitable by highlighting them to potential investors Projects may include stormwater management, urban tree canopy, green space, renewable energy, building retrofits, transportation, and other types of projects that support your city’s emission reduction, climate adaptation, and resilience goals. Projects may be at any stage of project development and should be seeking funding or financing.



CDP analyzes project data and develops insights to support partnerships and targeted action. It does not provide direct financial support to projects.

Application Process

Cities, States, Regions and Public Authorities report projects through their annual questionnaire(s):

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