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Posted on: Sep 23rd, 2019

Assessment Of CCFLA’s Value Chain For Early Stage Project Preparation In Mexico

Local and regional governments need significant technical and financial assistance to develop robust and investor-friendly infrastructure projects to tackle climate change. On the supply side, a wide array of technical and financial support for low-to-no emission and climate-resilient urban development is available. This support includes initiatives that focus on parts or the whole project development cycle, including Project Preparation Facilities (PPFs) targeting different project phases, framework development, grant funding, and others. Experience of Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA) members shows that despite an understanding of the extensive demand and supply, engagement opportunities between local governments and support initiatives are not leveraged to their full potential. As a result, cities are often left without assistance, and resources from initiatives are not efficiently applied.

Acknowledging the challenges mentioned above, CCFLA members of the  Project Preparation Action Group  decided during the November 2018 CCFLA´s Subnational Project Preparation Practitioner’s Forum, held in Berlin, to work collaboratively on improved coordination between project support initiatives, and to engage with local governments in a more efficient way.

This assessment aims to propose a pilot strategy for CCFLA members to leverage engagement opportunities between them and local governments in Mexico. It outlines the value chain and proposes an improved coordination and communication approach for technical and financial assistance offered for the development of climate projects. Information was gathered via desktop research and interviews conducted with CCFLA members and local and regional government officials using questionnaires.

This study:

  1. Maps existing initiatives and planned activities of identified CCFLA members in Mexico, with a focus on early-stage project preparation
  2. Analyzes the support needed of local and regional governments in early stage project preparation
  3. Maps and analyzes where and how CCFLA members could support the local and regional governments in early stage project preparation
  4. Proposes joint action and engagement areas of CCFLA members in Mexico, to offer coordinated and coherent support