Posted on: Sep 05th, 2020

Harmonized Application Form for Project Preparation Facilities

Leading organizations that help cities prepare bankable sustainable infrastructure projects, including the C40 Cities Finance FacilityCDP MatchmakerICLEI Transformative Actions Program, and Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation are now using a harmonized application form for their project preparation facilities. The expression of interest form for the City Climate Finance Gap Fund has also been developed based on, and in consistency with, the harmonized application form.

Project preparation facilities (PPFs) assist cities by supporting activities in the project preparation stage of the project cycle with the goal of successfully connecting them to finance. As a result, PPFs can help cities develop green and resilient infrastructure, including implementing more efficient heating and cooling systems, building renewable energy, setting up sustainable transit, or climate-proofing resilient infrastructure. However, with hundreds of PPFs spanning the globe, city officials require support finding and applying to these facilities.

To address this challenge, the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance’s Project Preparation Action Group created a harmonized application form. The harmonized application will: help cities to understand the relevant information being sought for project support; reduce the amount of time cities’ spend in preparing application packages; create a streamlined approach to project application; and pave the way for data sharing between PPFs.

“This harmonized form is the result of a joint effort by many CCFLA Project Preparation Action Group members. We exchanged and learned greatly in the process, and are really happy to present this new form, which we hope will  be great a resource for cities and project preparation facilities’ alike,” said Laura Jungman, Senior Manager, C40 Cities Finance Facility.

“We are thrilled that the more than 800 cities who report to the CDP-ICLEI unified platform will be eligible to utilize this common application form to support their project preparation efforts,” said Katie Walsh, Head of Cities, States and Regions, CDP North America.

The form has already been translated into Spanish and will be translated into several other languages in 2021.

Download the harmonized application form here.

If you run a project preparation facility and are interested in utilizing the application or coordinating with other like groups, get in touch with